Sunny skies, calm and clear blue waters…

It was a lovely day for a cruise at Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. We arrived a little early for the boat ride, so my hubby and I walked around the waterfront and reveled in the beauty that surrounds us.

The Spirit of Ethan Allen started boarding, we were welcomed by a friendly crew who gave us directions to our table. Music was playing, champagne glasses were clinking, the buffet was waiting!

The food was delicious! My favorites were the Vermont Maple Sausage and the Brunch Potato Gratin (sliced potatoes baked with cheddar, smoked gouda and Vermont cream). We were torn between getting more food or taking photos of the lake. The boat will only cruise for 90 minutes, and we already spent half the time eating. So, we decided to have one more dessert before we headed to the upper deck.

I felt the cold wind on my face when I got into the open-air deck. I was glad that we bundled up for this fall weather. We were able to stay outside and enjoy the view of Lake Champlain – nestled between the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont.

It was a smooth and relaxing ride. The cruise is definitely a “must-do” for anyone visiting Burlington, Vermont for the first time. It’s a fabulous way to learn a bit about its history, drink a glass of champagne, chill, and enjoy being out on the beautiful lake. 

My hubby and I had a wonderful time aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen. For more info about the various cruises at Lake Champlain, click here.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day!

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Hi friends! I totally love NY! Anyway, who doesn’t? So, happily sharing this video of THE CRAWL, a special Metro Channel series written and produced by my very own dear friend, Jennie Celdran (or Jennie-Love to me)! ❤️



NY Minute: 7 Things You Must-See at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hi everyone!

My name is Fritzie. I’m passionate about writing, photography, and traveling. I am married to the love of my life, Abraham. We both love to travel and explore new places. 

One of our favorite places to visit is New York City. We only live a few hours away, so we love to take day trips to the “Big City” and check out the different spots.

Last spring, we decided to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). I’ve always wanted to visit the MET and see the various collections from around the world. The museum has over 2 million works of art!

I know it’s impossible to see everything in one day. So, I did a little research and made a must-see list. Here are some of the amazing pieces of art at the museum.

1. The Temple of Dendur

EgyptIan Art, Gallery 131

2. Ugolino and His Sons, Jean Baptiste Carpeaux

European Sculpture & Decorative Arts, Gallery 548

3. Buddha of Medicine Bhaishajyaguru (Yaoshi fo)

Asian Art, Gallery 206

4. Washington Crossing the Delaware, Emanuel Leutze

The American Wing, Gallery 760

5. Self Portrait with a Straw Hat, Vincent Van Gogh

European Paintings, Gallery 825

6. Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuniga, Goya

European Paintings, Gallery 633

7. Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, Johannes Vermeer

European Paintings, Gallery 964

It was fun trying to find these must-see pieces from a treasure trove of masterpieces. Overall, the whole experience was so surreal. I wasn’t prepared to be transported to another place in time as I walked through the different galleries.

Do you like going to museums? Which ones have you visited? Any favorite artwork? Feel free to share in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

MAPS: A special series on Hot Spots to See

For even more exciting inspiration, do visit Fritzie of Life Travel Soul! ❤️

Till our next run, let’s wear our happy adventure caps and enjoy even more explorations together! ❤️



Hi friends! I’ve always loved doors! In my life, they represent fresh opportunities, adventures, pointers, lessons, revelations, celebrations, and more.

In our WP community, opening doors translates into a renewed appreciation for our beloved fellow bloggers and their deeply cherished blogs.

Through my Doors Series, I aim to give our fellow bloggers the gift of sharing a piece of their world. I invite them to guest post on my blog and share their message, their story, their heart. I also encourage them to show how our blogs and worlds link together in love.

After all, IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE.️❤️

Today, we happily knock on the door of a dear fellow blogger:

Mizou from Pe Blog ❤️

Dear Yeka, Thank you so much to have opened your doors for me . I’m so honored and touched by your amazing love , incredible kindness and your invitation on your lovely blog. Please keep sharing your warm love to others ! I’m convinced that loving is caring. That’s why I’ve decided to share my travel diaries, some motivational ideas and maybe some hopes and dreams via my blog : “Pe blog ” Mizou

A beautiful sunset at Blue Bay , Mauritius

THEY SAID : “Every drop of love you give adds light to the world.” I SAY : “Be positive, be patient !” Feel free to like it, comment it, share it and follow my blog ! Thank you so much.

I’m thankful to have this opportunity through Guest post. Thanks to WordPress, for the great opportunity in letting us express our feelings and make friendships  with lovely people like YEKA !  Mizou

Thanks so much for opening your door to us, dear Mizou! Merci beaucoup avec amour! ❤️

As you gave us a lovely peek into your world, you reminded us that there is just so much beauty abounding in our world, beauty to discover in various places, and respelndent beauty that resides within.

May your love for travel open even more doors to greater adventures, discoveries, and meaningful bliss!

So friends, thanks for dropping by!

Do give Mizou a special knock on Pe Blog.❤️

Till our next run of Doors, I wish everyone many happy, love-filled days ahead!

And here’s looking forward to opening more Doors with you! ❤️