Ah, it’s this dream again… 

I thought as I found myself standing in the dark unable to see even my own fingers. Soon a small sobs of a child echoed. Out of the darkness, a small girl with blond wavy hair appeared in the center of the light, her frail arms wrapped around her folded legs and face buried between her knees as her shoulder shook.

“Mommy,” she muttered.

I clenched my fist as I glanced at the back of the woman who stood on a distance, not far from the girl. I shared a little of the girl’s pain, and if I could, I would have rush to her side and hug her, but I can’t. My feet won’t move, my lips are zipped and all I could do was closed my eyes and silently cry inside.

“I’m sorry. This is all my fault.”

That round masculine voice made me open my eyes. The little girl stopped sniffling and rubbed the tears from her round amber eyes before looking up to the man. 

I looked at the man with long silky black hair and white headband standing in front of the little girl. 

“But, remember you’re not alone.” He crouched down and patted the girl’s head. A gesture that brought a smile on the little girl’s faced and warmed my heart. “I’m here for you,” he said looking at me just before I open my eyes, gasping.

I clicked my tongue. “It always stops at the good part,” I mumbled and goes back to sleep, this time hoping to speak to the man in my dream. 

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